To cater to the new EU regulations? Apple invented the new USB connector
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  The Lightning data line Apple launched in 2012 let product of iOS ushered in a new era of interface. Maybe a lot of people are used to the Lightning, because now the market is still in the number of older iOS devices using 30 pin interface has been drastically reduced in the. However, the European Parliament in March this year voted for portable mobile devices introduced new regulations charging standard unified the green light. This also means, standard charger Apple has not adapt to the mainstream or will therefore be forced to change.

  According to the new regulations of the EU, the apple in the 2017 before's products connect standard change into a relatively old microUSB, which will undoubtedly bring new challenges for apple. As the "is for" party, of course Apple has already started preparing for this. Weifeng network news, according to a USA patent and Trademark Office published the latest patent application, apple invented a new USB connector is a "reversible".
  Apple said in patent documents, the newly invented "reversible" USB connector can be both Lighnting and microUSB interfaces, but whether to meet the EU standards set by the current also can make nothing of it. Also, apple did not specify whether this new invention will be applied to future products in the file.
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