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  Connector as the device connecting the two active devices, the transport current or signal of the original, has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military system and national defense etc.. But a lot of people for the connector giants are still not very familiar with, only know a few brands, a few here, Xiaobian to collate all the connector company is more important currently on the market.
  Acquisition of AMP in 1998 to become the connector industry leader, industry distribution of the products are wide, in the automobile, computer and peripheral, industry strong.
  Do terminal, plastic shell started, so now, in Chinese most sold or terminal plastic shell, is the consumer electronics connector world leader, but for most of the 5XXXX (Japan), 9XXXX (European), 7XXXX (American), 4XXXX (American) these series of material, quality can be compared.
  Through the acquisition of merging into the world third connector, in the military, aerospace / aviation, communication is very famous, in 2005 Terryda acquisition, increase their competitiveness in the high speed communication connector market. But he did not like the TYCO, the unified and website, MOLEX with different products, different branch, have different sites, there are dozens of sites are all belong to AMPHENOL. Very headache in product search, and the price is disorderly.
  Connector four, also called Framatome, last year was American consortium acquisition, in a communication connector and automotive connector is relatively strong.
  5.KST Ching Limited by Share Ltd
  Taiwan funded enterprises, has a strong R & D team, fully automated factory, the main in the high-end products, in Chinese count as one of the very best quality manufacturers, and boss Tyco racing together bridle to bridle, strong products: connector, terminal, terminal box, inverter and so on.
  Japan Aviation Electronics, mainly to do computer peripherals, automotive connector and communication connectors, but on the mainland, mainly FPC and other precision connectors famous.
  Companies in Germany, in the terminal station (click to view the high quality supply information: is very famous, but not cheap.
  Usa Inc, in optical fiber HOTMELT, has the very strong patent technology, in addition MBR connectors are also good.
  In Japan, mainly in the automotive connector.
  The Japanese press terminal, mainly to do line to the board of the terminal, plastic shell and WAFER, domestic already have a lot of imitation products, now has developed some new products.
  Hirose of Japan, in addition to the military, aerospace / air is not involved, other industries have done, but on the mainland, mainly FPC and other precision connectors famous.
  In Taiwan, computer and peripheral industry connector more powerful.
  Usa Inc, basically only automotive connector, declared bankruptcy in 2011.
  A German company, OFFICE in Shenzhen, mainly to do communication connector and DIN41612.
  Sumitomo, mainly to do car connector.
  Han Guoran lake, mention him, because he mainly imitation MOLEX, JST line to plate product, price and delivery time better
  Korea Companies.
  In Japan, now mainly see is him in the mobile phone and other digital products connector.
  German Hardin, mainly industrial connectors, such as DIN41612, HARDMETRIC etc..
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