The formation of the future market development prospect of optical communication
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  Melbourne March 1, 2011. Ovum prediction of fiber optic components market (OC) will grow by 15% in 2011, and we forecast the next few years will have two digit growth. The core network, access network (access network) high bandwidth requirement and data communication network, and the requirements of network agility, will lead the Ovum predicted growth. From 2009 to 2015 compound annual growth rate is expected to have 16%, and is expected to reach US $10500000000 in 2015, the scale of.
  Fiber optic components market growth significantly faster than the optical network (ON) market, and faster than all other equipment field. Vice president and head of business Daryl Inniss explained: "the market performance is relatively not lasting; whether the result is the OC market level will collapse because of excessive inventory, or ON market level will begin to expand consumption, and the use of the original purchase of the original. We believe that the latter is most likely to happen in 2011. After 2007, the supplier inventory master better. From then on the main OEM manufacturer most requirements OC suppliers to shorten delivery time, from 8~12 weeks to 4 weeks, some OEM manufacturers also required OC suppliers blocked stock. Until the product from the warehouse before shipment, OC supplier cannot recognize revenue. "
  The Asia Pacific region has become the largest area of ON in 2009, Ovum predicted that the next five years the Asia Pacific region will continue to maintain the leading, by 2015 the scale will reach US $6700000000. China is the largest regional growth momentum. In USA analyst Innis added: "the rise of India should not be underestimated, the India market was almost non-existent, but now are challenging Japan Asia Pacific area the second largest ON market status. The key component is the sales industry continued to strengthen their position in the Asia Pacific region ON in the supply chain, whether it is direct and telecommunications companies dealing, or with the headquarters in the area or do business in the region of the system supplier to maintain good relations. "
  From the ON system's point of view, the key technology is the trend of using 40G and 100G. System vendors are trying to find ways to provide new technology to telecom companies, and those who have been demanding bandwidth more cost-effective telecommunication company. The role of non telecom companies, such as Google and Facebook, also be tempted by more and more high bandwidth capacity. For has been concerned with tracking 40G industry observers since 2000, 40G has been "suddenly" and adopted rapidly, is a noteworthy phenomenon.
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