Analysis China small LCD industry development present situation and advantages of enterprises
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   Abstract: in recent years, Japan, South Korea, flat in Taiwan and Chinese as the main market of the extraordinarily rapid development of display technology. Rapid changes in industrial structure. The LCD industry is currently experiencing a stage of development, from TN/STN-LCD CSTN-LCD, TFT-LCD to OLED. Compared with Japan, South Korea, Chinese display technology is still mainly stay in the field of TN/STN/CSTN, account for approximately 40% of global market share; TFT-LCD production capacity is limited, basically rely on imports, especially small and medium size TFT-LCD, but because of China in TFT-LCD field near to the investment growth is rapid, the removal of Taiwan and Hong Kong and a number of major suit enterprise domestic private enterprises, such as: BYD Yushun electronics etc., momentum is quite amazing, China is the bright younger generation in the global TFT-LCD sector has.

  One, Chinese TN/STN/CSTNLCD/LCM and small and medium size TFT-LCD/LCM development status
  At present, the scale of Chinese small size TFT-LCD market has exceeded the traditional TN/STN/CSTN market. On the basis of H & Q survey, 2007 TFT-LCD/LCM market scale reached 22533000000 yuan, TN/STN/CSTN-LCD/LCM only 15959000000 yuan. Market growth, the 2006 -2010 TN/STN/CSTN-LCD/LCM annual compound growth rate of 7.5%, more than 24% small and medium size TFT-LCD (the growth of more than 70% from color screen mobile phone application driven), also reflect the TN/STN/CSTN market is bad.
  Despite the impact of TFT-LCD, TN/STN/CSTN-LCD gradually in the notebook computer and LCD TV and other fields out of the market, but due to the cost factor, the medium and small size TFT-LCD will be impossible to completely replace the original TN/STN/CSTN-LCD in the mobile communication and computer game applications, especially for vehicle front and rear end, instrumentation, home appliances and other traditional TN applications. In addition, it Chinese situation, the current domestic TFT LCD to invest in the more than 4 generations of production lines, the majority of domestic enterprises still product structure located in the more profitable for large size TFT panel rich, lead to small and medium size TFT products production capacity expansion is very limited, this also finally decided in the future for a long period of time, TN/STN/CSTN panel will still occupy an important one seat Chinese panel market.
  Analysis of two, analysis China TN/STNLCD market demand and the advantage of enterprises
  TN/STNLCD market demand analysis
  From the consumption distribution point of view, on the basis of handing investigation, communication terminal application market size in 2007 reached 11267000000 yuan, is the main direction of TN/STN/CSTN application. The second is the automotive products, automotive TN/STN/CSTN reached 1253000000 yuan in 2007, due to the rapid development of China of automobile industry, automobile industry and aesthetic of lights display requirements gradually improve, in 2007 Chinese front-end TN/STN/CSTN application in automotive industry reached 811000000 yuan, 442000000 yuan after the end application. One of the key direction of demand is currently in the application areas of TN/STN/CSTN office automation products, electronic products, in 2007 the market size reached 851000000 yuan and 732000000 yuan. Home appliances and digital products currently on the market relatively small scale, reached 207000000 yuan and 247000000 yuan.
  The developing trend of low-end mobile phone, black and white, vehicle, office automation and other traditional TN/STN applications will tend to be stable in the future development will be, and the electronic industry emerging, such as digital and digital than other electronic products, because of the substitution effect of TFT appears gradually, there will be likely to lead to TN/STN in these areas eventually delisting.

  Analysis of enterprise competitive advantage TN/STNLCD
  The current TN/STN/CSTN LCD communication terminal monochrome machine supplier in the top five of domestic suppliers are semiconductors, deep Tianma, BYD, ultrasonic electronic and Yushun electronics. This five enterprises, there are four homes have been in Hongkong or the domestic market. Will Yushun electronic situation, in 2007 the TN/STN/CSTN LCD sales revenue and profits are among the domestic non-listed company for the first time, the structure of products are mainly concentrated in the black and white mobile phone, car, instruments and other relatively strong vitality of the application domain, this is also the enterprise "s performance remain one of the reasons for the good. On the whole, Heading Century think Yu Shun Electronics has high-quality listed enterprise in the field of TN/STN qualification.
  Analysis of three, small and medium size TFT-LCD market demand analysis and the advantage of the enterprise
  Analysis of small and medium size TFT-LCD market demand
  Small and medium size TFT-LCD panel applications compared to the larger size is more extensive, mainly used in communications, consumer electronics, mobile office and so. The field of communication is mainly includes the mobile phone, PHS (PHS), intelligent mobile phone and other about application of small size panel 60%. Consumer electronics applications are many, and will also continue to enrich, mainly include the global positioning system (GPS), MP3, MP4, portable media player (PMP), mobile DVD, digital camera, video camera, digital photo frame, personal digital assistant (PDA), game machine, printer, is a superb collection of beautiful things. The digital products occupy the whole of middle small size TFT-LCD demand 34.12%. In addition, the demand of vehicle monitor and medical, industrial instrument to small and medium size TFT-LCD panel is also increasing rapidly.
  The trend of development of electronic products, small size TFT LCD applications (mainly refers to MP3, game machine, learning machine / electronic dictionary, PDA) in the application of the growth of future development will be slow in the communication terminal of mobile phone, digital products and vehicle products, compound growth rate of close to 10% in 2006 - 2010. While the color screen mobile phone, digital products and vehicle products TFT application of compound rate of more than 20%, thus driving the entire TFT-LCD industry will show rapid growth trend in the next few years.
  Analysis of small and medium size enterprises competitive advantages of TFT-LCD
  At present, small and medium size TFT-LCD supply 56.47% China from South Korea, Japan and other foreign markets. Domestic production enterprises, on the basis of handing investigation, Xinli semiconductor market size in 2007 ranked the first, small and medium size TFT LCD sales revenue more than 2880000000 yuan; followed by BYD, 700000000 yuan; deep Tianma, 522000000 yuan; Yu Shun Electronics, 140000000 yuan and ultrasonic electronics, 63000000 yuan. On the total amount, scale Yushun electronic in TFT-LCD market even more than the listed enterprise ultrasonic electronic. Product structure, quality has been gradually to more profitable for small and medium size TFT-LCD rich close. Development, the company is not blind expansion of TFT products, but based on both stable consumer market of TN/STN/CSTN - LCD, the construction of TFT-LCD production line stand firmly and fight steadily, and aim at the small size of the TFT-LCD product positioning in the market, to avoid direct contest with domestic enterprises of large size TFT-LCD products. Is expected in the future, there will be quite a number China and Yushun electronic private enterprises have emerged, flat panel tamp Chinese display industry.
  Conclusion: small and medium size LCD market China overall good momentum of development. TN/STN-LCD occupies the absolute advantage in the global status, the next few years the industry will maintain a stable development trend, the annual compound growth rate of 7.5%. A number of outstanding TN/STN-LCD enterprises have emerged, remove the already relatively well-known listing Corporation, Yu Shun Electronics, Formosa, leader Kang Hui are also in the industry. In the field of TFT-LCD, Chinese enterprises have begun to catch up with the pace of global development at present large, a number of domestic enterprises to actively into the development of small and medium size TFT-LCD field, can meet China TFT-LCD import oriented situation will face subversion in the near future.
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